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Water Damage Repair Los Angeles

When you need to hire a professional water damage repair Los Angeles expert, call Green Choice Carpet of Los Angeles as quickly as possible. When a water disaster occurs in a building due to an overflowing toilet or natural flood, the moisture seeps into lower levels such as crawl spaces or basements. Fiber materials begin to absorb the water along with contaminants from sewage that soils carpets and rugs, requiring an cleaning and sanitizing process to kill bacteria and fight the growth of mold and mildew. Our company has technicians ready to come to a home to provide a free quote concerning water damage restoration Los Angeles services.

We Are Ready for Emergency Service 24/7

Customers contacting us after water damage happens in a home are happy to know that at Green Choice Carpet of Los Angeles is always ready to provide round-the-clock service. After arriving at a home, our technicians determine where the most damage and where to start the water cleanup process. Our heavy-duty sump pumps will efficiently suction moisture from basements or crawl spaces. If the power is turned off due to electrical outage or to prevent natural gas explosions or electrical hazards, we will bring our own electrical generators. We lift or remove wall-to-wall carpeting to extract water from underneath the material to ensure the fibers are dried completely.

While we can clean carpets and rugs on-site, we can also transport rugs and carpets to our facility for treatment. No matter whether the carpeting is dried inside a home or at our location, we will give the carpet or rug a thorough cleaning to remove stains and odors. Our goal during a water damage cleanup is to quickly remove moisture, kill bacteria and create a safe environment for our clients.

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The technicians working for Green Choice Carpet of Los Angeles analyze stains on rugs and carpets carefully to use the correct cleaning method for debris such as pet urine or spilled food. Carpets and rugs removed from a water damaged building are shampooed, deodorized and dried within five to seven days at our cleaning factory for a fast turnaround time. In addition to using an Eco-friendly process to clean and dry rugs, carpets and padding, our technicians know the proper way to prevent fibers from shrinking to ensure it still fits properly on the floor space. When a water disaster happens at your home or business, remember to call us at Green Choice Carpet of Los Angeles immediately to avoid extensive damage such as mold growth and mildew odor.

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